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Your Guilty Pleasure Bands/artists

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Kelly Clarkson

Hilary Duff


I am so ashamed. Quick, someone apank me!

rarrr, would you like it if hilary spanked you?


I like hilary duff. what's that one song, let's goo back, back to the beginning, where the earth the sun the stars all align, aaa.


I like nickelback sometimes, 50 cent

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The Cardigans, Gob, The Polyphonic Spree and...*sigh* perhaps the most embarrasing....Jewel

i love Jewel so much and nothing can ever change that, even if she does put out techno albums.

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Guest apsham

Alter Bridge... I like that one song that the WWE uses for Edge's theme music, "Metalingus".


Anything from Bam\Brandon's crew... they have about a million side projects, or just one off bands for some funny stuff.


Fort Minor... The one and only rap that I like, mainly because Mike Shinoda is awesome.

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Guest apsham

Yesh, and I was the same way. The two songs out now, and you can listen to them both on Fort Minor.com are Remember The Name (great) and Petrified (good).

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There is nothing embarrassing about AFI.


And i love Kelly Clarkson's "Miss Independant", and i downloaded a bunch of her stuff but i didn't like it.



Here's one i'm not embarrassed about, but people wouldn't expect of me: I love Michelle Branch.

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The Moffatts..

well just their last 3 singles (misery, bang bang boom, just another phase)

...I liked all of their songs.




Guilty pleasures? Kelly Clarkson, 50 Cent, George Michael, Justin Timberlake, and NERD. Well, I don't feel so bad about NERD.


For the record, I love Christina Aguilera and I don't feel bad about it at all. Bitches.

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