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Bye Car

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Yeah why the hell wouldn't you go out there and kick the shit out of some thieves?

OTP isn't Chuck Norris.


Chuck Norris fact: When Chuck Norris becomes mildly annoyed, three million people around the world get headaches.

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i saw it on a surveillance camera, by the time i got down there with a nine iron the car was gone.





the good news? the new westminster police found it abandoned this morning.


the bad news? there's traces of blood and semen all over the back seat, they hacked up the interior with a knife, stole a subwoofer, amp and my rims/tires.


the constable was like "its a varitable crime scene, as you might imagine so it'll take time to clean up. the crazy thing is, i haven't seen a punk leave a cars on bricks in at least four years" ...or something.

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my icbc adjuster just called and told me that chances are they're going to write the car off.


i said "you're going to write off a $55,000 car because the seats are ripped?" and she said "fifty-five grand?! well, that changes things."












where the fuck do they find these people?

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Dude, it's a 55,000 dollar car. Most people would write it off if the rims got scratched.


I, personally, would just salivate at the thought of getting a new car, even if it's just a new version of the one you already had.

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