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Long Lost Twins?

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His nose is also rounded outward, unlike Scott's with is more convex. Don't forget the higher hairline, wider nostrils, rounded and larger jawline, thicker (and more luscious) lips, shorter neck, larger ears, less prominent Adam's apple, and the face being far less bony in general.


Scott: You lose, I'm sorry.

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I alllllmost see it. But not quite, no. Like, if you didn't have him there for comparison, or if I saw you walking down the street, I would never be like 'wow! that guy looks like Edward Norton!'


Speaking of which, American Histroy X is my favourite movie of all time, and Fight Club is up there too.

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you people are all really, really stupid.


and not just because of this.

is it because your pitiful attempts at getting us to like you and your (non-existant) band always go unfulfilled? or because we are the majority? or because you realize exactly what you are?


hey, when are shares in panic button, inc. going public? i'm thinking of buying 51% and folding the empire.

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