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Your MG/B Merchandise

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I had promised many of you that i would post of pic of my MG/B collage that my friend made for me. So here it is, along with my other MG/B merchandise. Besides the albums, I am missing ALTINLTS book in the picture, because my brother has failed to return it.


I want to see everyone else's MG/B merchandise. Come on, this is your chance to brag.


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I have a shit load of downloaded stuff, three shirts, one hoodie, two posters, tons of pictures, all the cds but b-sides, uhhhhh , avalanche on records, 3 patches two stickers, i want a pin! signed wlrrr, mags, almost got matts water bottle at a concert.

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Oh way, just in case your wondering whose water bottle that is in the bottom left hand corner...It's Rich's, given to me at the last Calgary Concert.



I think i may make another collage, as my other one is quite out dated, so as soon as i finish that i will post a pic.

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I have a signed Avalanche Tour 2003 poster, all the full length cd's, a promo poster from HMV that my lady friend picked up for me, the book, Loser Anthems, Australian Hello Time Bomb single, In A world Called Catastrophe single, a few shirts...


that's all I can think of right now.

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besides cds i have at last there is nothing left to say, the m show girly tee, a mg pin, i'm getting the white light promo poster soon and my copy of white light is signed by pat and rich


when i get a few paychecks more i want to order some stuff off of maple music

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Wow...that's a lot of stuff. All I have are the lps and stuff I've downloaded, plus whatever pictures I can find. I'm hoping to order some MG shirts when I have the money. Geez, my collection's so sad....need...more...stuff.

I'm Amanda, by the way. Just thought I'd introduce myself. =P

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Hmmm... taking a photo of the collection - what a novel idea :> I may do that when I end up having to sell some of it off for food.


CDs: all LPs, extras of some because as a teen I treated my CDs badly ;), underdogs promo, some BM promos, hello time bomb promo US, 2 hello time bomb aussie promos, signed LotGA (m/i/g/d), loser anthems, loser anthems blue, lo-fi b-sides, catastrophe single


shirts: MGBFC 'girl' hoodie (favourite!), real asshole, VotY, avalanche black, " white, mg since 1971 (worn ONCE and foil is coming off - grrr), avalanche hoodie, amnesty jersey


books+misc.: black market surgery (signed:m), MGBFC crest, mgb patch, trust us sticker, a BM sticker, too many downloads, and about 0.5% of my active brain cells dedicated to any and every mg lyrics i can get my hands on.


i'm looking for the WLRRR promo poster - it's go'geous.


There're probably rehab. services for this kind of thing...:angry:


Howdy, I'm Auq. :> Haven't done the msg board thing before, so go easy :> And welcome to my SECOND post...

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I have an enormous collection. Here goes:

- black Avalanche hoody

- black Avalanche t-shirt

- white MGB football club t-shirt

- red MGB football club hoody

- grey WLRRR zip up

- pink WLRRR t-shirt

- white AOB t-shirt

- purple MGB guitar pick

- black AOB candy (from album release party)

- 2 ticket stubs from shows in Toronto and Orangeville

- 3 WLRRR promo posters from HMV

- MGB Beautiful Midnight poster

- Avalanche tour poster (Christmas gift, thanks A!)

- 2 different Chart magazines

- Access Magazine

- 3 buttons (2 are the same)

- 2 different keychains

- AOB promotional sticker

- Avalanche on vinyl

- At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say

- CDs - In A Coma double CD


Avalanche; IAWCC single

AOB (grey, and black special edition)

Loser Anthems (2 copies)

Beautiful Midnight (2 copies)

Hello Time Bomb (radio promo CD)

Underdogs (2 copies)

Last of the Ghetto Astronauts


And burnt copies of all his old folk stuff from History Teacher, etc.

I've been collecting for about 9 years. I don't have a signature yet. I refuse to buy one from eBay or anything, I want to wait, just in case I get to meet him at a concert or something. I recently went to his free show in Ottawa with high hopes of meeting him, but I wasn't even able to get in. They stopped the line when there was only 4 people in front of my friends and me. It was so frustrating. But who knows, maybe someday. The pic has only a few things in it, some are on the walls, etc.


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