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In order of priority/desire/plausibility.


Cowan D2 ~$200


Touch-screen mp3 player that owns the iPod on many levels (Better sound quality 50 hour music playback, 10 hour video).




Ariakon Overlord Rx ~$120


A paintball pistol, so I can have dualies. ;)





Toshiba Satellite X200~$2500 :angry:


Pro-ass laptop that I plan to replace my desktop with.






More paintball stuff.



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Don't we all...but you can't buy those. Actually, what am I saying? Of course you can.


Bike stuff

Ixil Silencer exhaust ~$650

Romatech radiator guard and crash guards ~$150

Ermax rear hugger ~$100

Shogun swing arm sliders ~$50

Garmin Zumo GPS ~$500


And of course...


Dodge Ram 2500 Quad-Cab SRT-10.





Just in case I ever need to tow a four-ton boat down the Autobahn. But I'd have to take a second job or resort to highway banditry to pay for gas.

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^i've got one of those things (the crown).


i'll play:


dunlop 95Q wah pedal = between $245 and $179 cdn, depending on sales:



dod gonkulator ring modulator = whatever they show up for on ebay, cuz they're outta production. mike einziger uses one, and i want one too:




i was gonna throw a bunch of amps and guitars on there, but i'm actually perfectly content with my guitars, and a bigger amp would just be a waste.


oh, and i'll take one of those 911 twin turbos, too. in ruby red metallic.

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I too am fascinated by the watch.


Here's my list:


An old Renovated Farm House on at least 10 acres in Maine - avg price $300k to $500k. These houses are usually massive. With Entertainment and Technology upgrades, Horses,, renovations, soundproofed Recording Studio, including Professional Kitchen, master suite, Multi Car storage with fully operational garage, Tennis courts, pool, basketball court, - Tack on another $550k for a total of $850 - $1.5mil



A Jaguar XKR Fully Loaded, Metallic Black - $105K


A Fully Restored 1967 - Camaro SS - $20k - $30k


A GMC Yukon Denali Fully Loaded - 60k


A 2008 Camaro SS Fully Loaded - 40k


A 1970s Camaro SS Fully Loaded - 30k


A 1980's Camaro SS Fully Loaded - 30k


A 1990s Camero SS FUlly Loaded - 30k



I have expensive tastes and I collect stuff, sue me.

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