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Christmas 2007

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The Boondocks Season 1 on DVD

Bioshock (but my computer is haunted and it doesn't work right....yet....)

A bunch of other random stuff including a tiny camera that would make Agent 86 (or 99) proud.

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Along with a bunch of money to help pay off my camera and some other random stuff, I got a new skins for my drum kit, which was long overdue, so I'm super pumped to try them out! ;)


I made some great thrift finds for gifts, all of which were very well received.


This thread should also be about what we did for the holidays, no? My family had a lunch time turkey dinner and it was amazingly good. We invited my friend, and her mother (who's visiting from Germany) over and it was lovely. We played some music and then went visiting family after, followed by another delicious turkey dinner on my father's side with more music playing. Good times all around!

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Jen got me a ridiculous christmas present, a badass Movado watch!





Only because I'd bought her a ring from Paris earlier this year.


Other than that so far the gifts have pretty much been standard issue clothes and stuff. I got a klipsche ipod dock which is decent and a badass pink t-shirt with dave mustaine on it from my brother.

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that is a fine watch, ryan.


what i gave for christmas? gave both my sisters pretty scarves i found in ottawa, and chinese calender things from asia garden haha. my parents were going to get a painting, but i left it for exam period, thinking i'd have time to do it. i was wrong, so they'll have to wait.


what i did for christmas? mom woke us up at 7 for presents, we made breakfast, we chilled all day and started making dinner feast, then my older sister and her boyfriend came over to open their presents, then dinner, then we edited a semi-funny video of my younger sister into a hilarious video of my younger sister.

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-Prelit Christmas tree to the boyfriend, latest Bourne movie and tonnes of chocolate

-Long johns, turtlenecks and mini Christmas village with working train to my Dad

-lots of clothes for my nephew and a Leap Frog learning toy

-burned CD of "Bud Light Real Men of Genius" and a GC for National Sports for my brother



-DVD player and the first season of "How I Met Your Mother"

-GC for a pedicure

-Shirt that says "It's not my fault you suck"

-Shirt that says "Heavily Medicated for your consideration" -or something like that

-GC for dinner places

-Mortar and pestle

-bunch of little things


Best present:

My Dad asks people to donate money in my Mom's honour to the hospital. This year, my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin are doing a fundraiser in her name. They are going to canvas for donations for every goal my cousins high school soccer team gets this season with a goal of raising $5000 for the Trillium Gift of Life Network in time for the April Organ donation awareness week.

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