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They are alright...but it really pissed me off to the fact that Billy quit the music industry because it was too pop music orientated...what a bunch a bull shit...what a cop out...Just tell the truth and say that your dry and you have nothing left to write



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I'll give Moist a 7/10 rating. They had some solid songs/albums, but its been awile since i listened to them. I did hear the song "Breathe" recently and remembered how much it ruled!! Ok... i'm changing it to 8/10... they got better while i was typing!


The Killers

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5/10 they need another single to become a good group, however their frist sing was good


Rage Against The Machine

Have you heard their second single "Mr. Brightside"?? It's just as good as "Somebody Told Me". And besides, the album is the best album of 2004.... in my opinion....


As for my opinion on Rage... 8.5/10. They were one of the best bands of the 90's!! I know people who were much bigger fans than me, but boy oh boy did they have some kick ass songs! How can you not rock out to "Bulls on Parade"!?!?


Queens of the Stone Age

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RX Bandits... mwaaaah. Not really my thing, they don't seem very original, mind you i've only heard the songs they have at www.purevolume.com/rxbandits. I liked 'analog boy'


i just heard the song Prophetic. it's really good, so I've upped thier grade to an 8/10



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