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'a Long Way Down' Is An Underrated Song

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"Long Way Down" is a fantastic song. Haunting lyrics. (ie: "...even happiness is using you...", "...it'a a damn shame the sun don't shine underground...")


I think my personal favorite is Avalanche. It truly needs to be heard live to fully appreciate. When I heard Matt perform it at the Wpg. show in October, it gave me chills. It's absolutely beautiful.

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Long Way Down is an awesome some, but I dunno if I rank it that high, mainly cause I also love Plegde of Alligiance, Avalanche, WWWHR, House of Smoke and Mirrors, Weapon,,,, etc etc...


IAWCC does seem out of place on the album though, and if I were to cut a song that would be it, although I do like parts of it.

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You're all wrong.


1) Weapon

2) Pledge of Allegiance

3) 21st Century Living

4) A Long Way Down *its A long way down.. not long way down.. grr*

5) While We Were Hunting Rabbits

6) In a World Called Catastrophe

7) Avalanche

8) Near Fantastica

9) Lullaby For The New World Order

10)Bright End of Nowhere

11) House of Smoke and Mirrors *not that its a bad song.. i just love the other 10 more*


and the two worst MG tracks of all time:

12) Song For The Girl

13) Double Life

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I just downloaded a live bootleg of A Long Way Down. It's fantastic live. I also think that Song For The Girl and Double Life are underrated.


"Well I knew but I've forgotten

'Cause everyone keeps asking

How come they feel so terrible

When terrible is in fashion?"

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i think its the 2nd best song on Avalanche next to WWWHR. Many would disagree with that, but i still think A Long Way Down is an amazing song and doesn't get the respect it deserves.


anyone agree?

I agree with you... together with Avalanche, it is one of my favorite ones ;)

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I don't know why everyone hates "Double Life". I actually really enjoy that song. Obviously it's not the best off the album, but it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The structure is a bit predictable, but the song itself is quite nice. Perhaps it doesn't fit Avalanche superbly, but it's still a great song on its own.

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