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Private Going-away Show For Vancouverites

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That show was soo much fun.

There were people from everywhere!

Maryland, Texas, Edmonton etc. I felt weird cos I only travelled from East Van, haha!


It was fun. Benji sang along with Matt, and Caey wouldn't stop trying to get me to play with his crazy slimy toy (as usual).


New songs, tonnes of stories, lots of banter, good times good times.

What a way to say thanks to the fans eh?


Can's wait to see those vids Anton has.

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I'm uploading 1 of the clips right now but it's taking forever. I might have to host them in the music video section on site so it's not so fucking slow to upload.


I think I'll work on a little video to accompany Matt's "HOT BOOTLEGS" lmao.




yes, it was dark by then. don't complain, enjoy the music.


more to come but they'll be on NF's server.

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You know, even if that's not one of my favourites, it sounds a lot better in this version of it.


Thanks a lot, Anton, for the work you're evidently putting into letting us all see the sad, ragged glory of Matt's Last Stand. (Totally coined that, just now.)

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Hey Anton u got pretty good audio out of that. i hope u used a tripod to record & left the camera so you could watch the show with your own eyes intead of behind the camera.


I hate video taping shit but then i feel i miss the experience because my face has been behind a camera the whole time lol.

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I believe it's up on the front page of NF.


Because I'm feeling generous, copied and pasted from NF's index:



Metal Airplanes *NEW SONG*

Strange Days


Prime Time Deliverance

Sort Of A Protest Song

She's In It For The Money

Alert Status Red


House Of Smoke And Mirrors

In A World Called Catastrophe

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The sound on the youtube video is really really good...I'm shocked how similar it sounds to a full blown show.


Any chance of someone make an audio only file when all's said and done? I'm sure i'm not the only one that would like to burn this to a cd for on the road listening !!!!

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Y'know, my honest to goodness reaction to this whole "show" went something like this:


At first I thought it was a very cool idea. Obviously, I knew the chances of me, or anyone I know "winning" were slim but I sent an email away anyway (actually, I sent one on behalf of my sister because i'm a nice guy like that). When my email was not picked I wasn't surprised or slighted in the least. My mother was a little miffed, but that's life.


Then when I read "Miss 604"'s liveblog of the event she said that the show was comprised of "old friends and people chosen at random" or something along those lines. That ticked me off a little as Matt specifically clarified on his site he did not want this to be for/about old friends of his and that he was going to pick 20 people deemed most deserving of being there.


The next day I was surfing matthewgood.org and came to the conclusion that I was happy for the people that got to see it and life is too short to be bitter about something that hasn't changed my life in the slightest.


I hope everyone that went enjoyed the show!

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