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Annoying Telemarketers

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I thought we could get a thread going on annoying telemarketers - specifically telephone numbers everyone can (and does) ignore when they see them on call display.


The most recent ones I've gotten are:


1 613 232 7437 (i don't know about this one - ideas?)

1 800 831 9706 (Rogers)

1 613 567 3100 (don't know)


Any more numbers you know of to add to the list?


Any good/bad stories about your own experiences with telemarketers?


I haven't signed up for anything new lately, but I seem to be getting 3-4 of these calls a week from unknown names.

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We had a computer autodialer calling us from Houston twice a day for months and hanging up instead of connecting us to anything. And as soon as we had Bell block the number, another one in Detroit started doing it. Good times.

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TD Canada Trust calls me sometimes. I find it really irritating when I actually sit through their shit and say "no, I'm not interested" and they toss in the "are you sure? we offer (repeat EXACTALLY what they said the first time through)" If I said I wasn't interested after hearing it once, that ain't gonna change the second time

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It was always my plan, when telemarketers called, to launch immediately into my own sales pitch for a low-yield nuclear weapon, but I don't think I could keep from laughing long enough for it to be effective. Even so, I'm sure a quick explanation explaining to the layman why MY gun-type fission devices are better than the competetor's compression-type nukes would take long enough that the person on the other end would hang up.

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isnt that DNC list in full effect?



(if a telemarketer calls you and you're on the DNC list they get a $10,000 fine)

As someone who did work at a "market research" center, I will give you guys a couple of tips.



First off, the do not call list doesn

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