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Great Whales Of The Sea

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I've only heard two of the other recent demos (Last Parade and Life in Spite of Itself) but this one is my favorite so far. It reminded me of Flight Recorder from Viking 7 during the opening, then turned into something ... totally different that doesn't really remind me of anything else Matt's done before. I love it. ;)


Also, I can't believe the man wrote this while trying to create fake spa music. That story alone makes this song awesome in my books.

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I don't remember, but you should get an edit button... if you ever want a post removed edit it to read "Please delete" then the garbage collector can more easily identify it. Contrary to popular belief we're not in the business of deleting posts... most of the time we let them ride.




I just saw what you where talking about. That will work too I guess...

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How does someone access the lounge? Is it a case where you have to hit a certain amount of posts?


Anyway. If anyone else out there doesn't have access to the lounge....and you missed out....well send a PM my way.

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