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if you were going to die in one year...

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Well i can't really think of 10 bands that i want to see. So this will have to do.


5 that i've seen before

matthew good


goo goo dolls

matthew good

goo goo dolls



5 that i've never seen

simon and garfunkel

KISS (only because they are supposed to give the best concerts ever, and i want to see if that's true)

simon and garfunkel


that's all that i can think of. Sorry for the repeats but i want to see some of them more than once.

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sorry i think about some weird things sometimes.


i would pick for my concerts:


seen: (and still performing)

pearl jam


nada surf

the who

matthew good



haven't seen: (and still performing)


local h


third eye blind

neil young

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5 that I have seen:



Matt Good

The Pixies


Hawksley Workman


5 that I haven't:


Simon & Garfunkel

Broken Social Scene

David Bowie


Hot hot heat

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have seen:

1. The Constantines

2. Matthew Good

3. The Weakerthans

4. Death From Above 1979

5. Controller Controller




1. At The Drive-In (i'm sure if they knew i was dying they'd come together for one more show)

2. Wintersleep

3. Tool

4. Ted Leo

5. Incubus

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Well if you die then you could watch Kurt Cobain perform for you.

Unless you were a very good person in your life...

Haha. Does anyone remember when Tony Pierce did that whole talking to Kurt Cobain thing on the busblog...


Anway, back to topic...


5 I've seen:


Matthew Good

Rolling Stones


John Ellis

The Psychedelicacies


5 I'd like to:


The Who

Bob Dylan (back in the 60s preferably)


Led Zeppelin (with Bonham resurrected)

Pink Floyd

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