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Ravenous megin-sane

[merged] Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


I spent my Christmas with my sister at Galaxyland in West Ed riding rollarcoasters and other rides. Then we went to my uncles for dinner. It was nice!


Jarrod, that sounds like an awesome way to spend holiday time, lucky you!


So far, I got:


* $210 cash - From my aunt, and my ex's gramma

* $25 Milestones gift card - From my grandparents

* A crapload of Disney Princess merchandise (Cinderella mug, glitter glue, stickers, pens, bath foam, lip balms) - From my ex's mum & Dad

* A High School Musical pen and singing toothbrush, A Wii, WiiFit, Raving Rabbids TV Party, Disney's ThinkFast, 500 wiipoints and an extra Wiimote & Nunchuck - From My ex

* High School Musical 3 Dance for wii (with dance pad!) - My ex's bro (and good friend). He even wrapped it in High School Musical gift wrap...cut Zac Efron's head off some of the paper, and glued it onto Ashley Tisdale's body...and wrote a comment on how illegal it is to want his body.

* A Roxy hoodie and $300 - My mum

* Fern Gully DVD (It's an injoke), Vol. 1 of the Dark Tower graphic novel and Raving Rabbids - From my ex's cousin (and good friend)

* A bottle of wine - My mum's bf

* A sweater from Bluenotes, A Sailormoon Moon Crescent Wand (old childhood toy I lost a long time ago), Oklahoma! Soundtrack (The one with Hugh Jackman!), Vol. 1 & 2 of Grimm's Fairy Tales graphic novel, Vol 1 of Mouse Guard graphic novel, assorted candies (including like 6 Kinder Surprises) - Kevin


A very full and materialistic holiday. Also probably got the most toys ever this year haha

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the booty:


money from parents and grandparents (take that, stupid mastercard!)

slow cooker

bottle of crown royal (to go with the one i bought for myself)

stereo electric mistress guitar effect pedal

yet another kangol hat

raving rabbids tv party

roots sweater jacket thing that doesn't fit

diesel cologne (fuel for life)

misc. chocolate and candy

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XBOX 360 (bundled with Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda lol)

Quantum of Solace 360 game

Star Wars Clone Trooper helmet

A vacuum

Random bath items and candy

Chapters, Wal-Mart and Calgary Co-op gift cards


A cheque for a grand from my mom


And my favorite, a stuffed narwhal.

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