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try www.matthewgoodband.com

Matthew Good is an excellent Canadian rock musician


There are some good web sites that have information about him, and his old band.


http://www.chartattack.com/features/99/mgb99/shows the text of an interview with him and (the then bandmate) Dave Genn about their album "Beautiful Midnight".


They dismiss as absurd that the tracks "A Boy and his Machine" and "Born to Kill" have anything to do with the terrible Columbine massacre.


http://www.canoe.ca/JamMusicArtistsG/good_matthew.html also has an article about him.


He is feeling great now that his band has broken up, and he has gone solo. He has found out who his friends are.


He spends 3 or 4 hours a day, searching the net for news items of interest about politics.


He is firmly anti George Bush, and the Iraq war.

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I have, over the last year, been inundated by a negativity that I thought impossible. It has, without a doubt, shaken my very belief in others. Over the last few weeks I have struggled to continue my daily work. Yesterday, after a long talk with my wife and two very close friends, I decided to abandon my blog. And while there will surely be the usual message board banter about it only being temporary, I can assure you that that is not the case. The website will be handed over to Universal to run in the future, though I cannot say when they will launch anything.



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It was really great while it lasted. It's sad to see it go. You must have put a lot of time and effort into that, and it was interesting to read every day.


I hope the negativity ends for you. That must not be very fun. All the best and good luck to you.

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I believe your missing his point. (Sorry for putting words in your mouth here) It's not about the negative things people say, it the fact that the only response is negative. It's the fact that he feels like he is fighting an up hill war, and that everybody is not interested in listening to him.


I'd like to thank you Matt. Because of your blog I have become interested, and more informed about world issues. I will now, in the blogs absence, make it my own task to seek out the same information that you so diligently organized and posted on your blog. I find that I support you, not only because I like your music, but because you have always spoken your mind. I'm sure that you will continue to do so in some capacity in the future.




Edit: Spelling.


Also, I hope that people can express some control in this thread. Let's not allow this to become an open slag-fest.



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well, yes some of us will continue on in the fight for human rights and freedoms. Matt, enjoy eurpoe, if you find a habitable spot, old enough to feel comfortable in, make it your home. drop us a line now and then. otherwise, hell, move to the okanagan, i have 2 labour intensive job offers for you, or if ya just wanna vacation here, i can do that too. take a break from all things negative, all that ails you, including fans. glad i met you, shook your hand...all that. peace, get well, all my families best to yours.

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You know, maybe - contrary to popular perception - Matt is *gasp* a sensitive guy. He's made his own kind of music and spoken his mind honestly. Does anyone actually think he owes us anything? The blog was greatly informative, I think. But there's nothing that says he has to keep on doing it. So I don't think any of us should take this personally.

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I will miss the site very much. I can tell he put a lot of work into it.


But I can't imagine what it's like to try to do something helpful and in turn be bombarded by negativity from the lowest common denominator of society everyday. Sometimes I get frustrated just being outside with other people.


Best of luck to Matt in the future.

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It's not really a question about Matt being sensitive or not. It's about Matt being a human being. It's about Matt getting punched constantly by people who decide that they know him through the public eye and then allow themselves to judge him. It's about him being denied the rights to say what he believes in out loud like everyone has. It's about one way freedom of speech when people don't agree with him and he gets told to shut the fuck up or they'll beat him up or kill his wife.


It's about idiots on some message boards calling him all sorts of name, saying he's a whiner. It's about him getting thrown idiocies being branded as opinions and then getting criticized for not agreeing to those idiocies. It's about an artists working hard to build music which he likes and seeing his hard work getting dismissed as shit over and over again (you have the right to dislike someones work...it doesn't make it shit...try building something you think is awesome and then have someone come by and tell you "it's complete shit" see what it does to you).


It's about him having faith in people and then these people coming and acting like complete and utter assholes. Desillusion...


Many might think Matt is a poor cry baby and he deserves what he gets because he's in the public eye and all that crap. But no human being deserves what he has to go through. Of course, he's not having it as hard as some people who suffer from hunger, the prisonners from Abu Ghraib or whatever. But try being attacked every single day...No one deserves that


The assholes who think otherwise deserve a little reality check. Humans are humans and there are no job or position in the world that allows another human to pin one down and stone him...


I would have quit a long time ago


Thanks for everything Matt


And to those who are about to brand me as an asskisser...I don't give a flying fuck so just go ahead...it's in my sig

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Thanks for the great blog, Matt. You're one of the few artists out there willing to actually interact with your fans, and unfortunately, complete morons have cost die hard fans the ability to interact with you. Take care.

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I don't know what to say. I guess.... thanks for what you did so far. And, I don't know that this is necessarily good for anyone, but if anyone then it's good for you, Matthew. There's not much else to tell is there.


I just hope this is a testament to all the fans out there who were just as delusional as I was thinking that people were somewhat inclined towards civility and sensability.


People are sick fucks. Every day we kill, hurt, hate, rape, steal from, and destroy other people completely. Personally I think this is one of those instances, and I certainly don't think that "thanks for what you did" is near enough considering the gravity of this situation.


You have been driven to the give up your right to free speech. You have been pushed off the cliff of "democracy" by those who share the same unsure footholds as yourself.


This is sad, but I want you, you Matthew Good, to know something. All is certainly not lost to that dark chasm. There are those who struggled to hold on, those who helped hold you were you stood, and those who were held up by you. There are those who would willingly do what you were forced to do, for you.


I say leave without bitterness. Leave knowing that for every good natured and intelligent person out there, there will be ten-fold who are malicious and evil. But know that those who stood behind you still do.


No-one should ever forget this day, and no-one should ever say that the silencing of an intelligent and powerful voice was good for anyone.


This is indeed a dark perhaps one of the darkest of days, but light will come eventually.


I hope everyone took to heart the words of this this enigmatic and influencial young man, and I hope no-one will forget those words.


Don't leave us out of your memory Matt, but never be burdened with this, and never stop playing music for those of us who get it.


Sincerely, thank you.

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I feel odd adding my two cents here, but here it is.


When I read Matt's last post talking about how he was converting the blog into just a "whatever" blog - pictures, politics, music, whatever - I got excited. (Guinness guys: "BRILLIANT!") That was precisely what I went to Matt's site to see: discussions about whatever.


As an American, I generally don't get to hear the kinds of political views that Matt expressed on his blog, so it was certainly nice to have that point of view available. Even if I didn't agree with his viewpoint, it was always worth reading.


But adding the personal blog gave it a really nice balance. While the political side was often serious, it was great to hear that Matt wasn't all-serious all-the-time.


All that aside: the interaction part of it was so completely optional for me. I think I posted once or twice in the comments, and once or twice on the official forum, but, for me, that was just a bonus. To be honest, I read a number of blogs on a daily basis, and I just can't fathom emailing them or contacting them. There's always this thought in the back of my that I'd be invading their turf, since I don't actually know them.


I just love reading sites that help me form my opinions on "whatever". Especially when those sites are well-written and when you feel like you can read the writer's thoughts and experiences behind them. Discussing those thoughts with other people on the same site just doesn't really come into play for me - it's more about being able to discuss them with other people elsewhere. At work, at the store, wherever.


I almost feel like a selfish prick for feeling like losing the blog is a loss for me.



Oh, but I so badly hope that Matt doesn't hand the site to Universal. Seriously, label-run artist sites are the WORST. Ten minutes could be spent making a better official Matthew Good site than the months it would take for them to put something together.


This would be better than turning it over to them:






Matthew Good released the following albums


[Pics of albums]


and hopes you have a good day.





But, honestly, thanks, Matt, for running the site as long as you did. There are very few sites I feel I should check several times a day, and yours was one of them, as it was always worth the time. Genuine hopes for a speedy return to good health.

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I'm still confused here. Why is this such a big deal? What is/has Matt gone throught that most musicians or artists in general (incluing actors) haven't? I understand that most of you, as his fans, would defend him but I'm curious as to why you look upon those who disagree with his opinions as some sort of heathens yet are more than willing to dish out equally harsh sentiments about Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson. Guess what, as an artist, you will find that some people like your work and others don't.


If he has a problem with a handful of people on a message board "dismissing his work as shit" then he is right to pack up and run because he will obviously not make it once he steps outside his front door.


I also applaud Matt for having the balls to stand up for what he believes and is upfront with his political stance. But by doing so, you set yourself up to have your beliefs attacked no matter who or where you are. Matt had to expect flak by posting a blog with nothing but his political agenda all over it. I'm sure a lot of fans were interested in his music and decided to check out his site and find it littered with his left-wing slant of the world and could have been put off or, in some cases, willing to create a serious discussion (not an attack) as to why he believed what he believed.


But whatever, you can go back to the one-sided discussion about sympathy for old Mr. Good.

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I'm not so sure it was the people with well constructed arguments that where the problem. I think it was the people making death threats... or the people that where being ignorant. I'm not saying all people that disagree with Matt are ignorant. I'm simply saying that a few make statements based on poor, or no information.



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