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first off, i searched before starting this, cuz i figured there had to be a thread about it already. i couldn't find it if there is.


anyway, i think matthew good + john butler would be awesome. i was listening to butler's instrumental stuff and i could almost hear matthew good's voice over it. it would sound amazing. there both left of center, so that might work.

also, matthew good and trent reznor might be interesting. kind of a mix between "still" and "rooms". i can't see them getting along for some reason, though.

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I agree that Matt and Trent would be great... but seeing as how neither of them could be in control, it'd get ugly.

I'd like to see Matt Holly McNarland do another song. Flight Recorder is AMAZING and I think they could pull it off again (and am I the only one who wishes Matt and Melissa would've preformed Flight Recorder on the Acoustic tour?)

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the barenaked ladies.

I *heart* you XD


Matt Good and David Usher might be interesting, but for some reason, I have a feeling they wouldn't get along or something...

Moist and MGB toured together twice, both in '99 (Edgefest in the summer, and together with gob and Serial Joe in late November). Those guys have known each other for a long time and I never heard of any falling out, myself.


Matt + James Dean Bradfield - so long as Matthew does the lyrics.

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