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Let's Play The 'what If' Game

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what if you woke up one morning and discovered that all of your cds had been stolen. all of your mp3's had been deleted. everything to do with the music you love(d) had been taken away from you.


my question: what is the first album you would buy again and why?



this should get some interesting posts...

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i'd probably get tool's lateralus, first. that one means a lot sentimentally, and sortof represents my shift from liking really vaccuous types of music to stuff that means a lot more when it comes to one's noggin.


i would probably shit my pants though if i woke up and everything was gone/deleted.

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that actually almost happened to me. over spring break one year, my car got broken into. they took the radio and then popped the trunk and took the 12-disc changer. ...i was out of town so i had taken out all the cds for the plane ride. thank god. i'd have lost all my mgb (all up to beautiful midnight) and then some.


that was awhile ago, so now i'd start with matthew good, specifically hunting down the history teacher tracks, bela fleck and the flecktones' Little Worlds, then sam roberts... and madonna's Immaculate Collection.

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I'd buy "Black celebration" by Depeche Mode... It was the first vinyl I bought when i was very young and I keep so good memories of that moment: my parents kept on getting CDs for me but I wanted to have a vinyl version of this album ("totally useless" according to my parents, since I already had the CD...)...


... and I got so happy when i could finally buy it ;)

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first off i would probably be plotting and searching for the s.o.b. that stole/deleted all my music and about after a week when that plan falls through and my psychoticness weakens i will prob start off with


MGB- lotga

White Stripes- white blood cells

Harry Chapin- gold medal collection

The Streets- original pirate material


and yes i am a huge harry chapin fan

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probably (in this order):

MGB- Underdogs

Radiohead- Kid A

David Bowie- "Heroes"

NIN- Downward Spiral

Depeche Mode- Violator

New Order- Power, Corruption & Lies


of course this would be after the fury settles. and when/if i'd catch the thief, i'd congratulate them on their superior taste before i beat them to a pulp.

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