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your mg/mgb themesong

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Clayton - I always identify with that one especially when I'm feeling particularly inherently defunct. (hopeless, worthless)


Adam - I always smile when I hear that one and wish that I could just .. DO that.


(side: 'Adam Clayton', U2 bassist, heh ;) )



This one always rips me apart, but I always thought that it was 'inert' (not 'it hurt'), and that sense is closer to how I feel, so I've kept it so in my mind.


'A time of darkness

You will look absurd and you will feel inert

And you will go looking to blame somebody

You see I used to think that I'd get over everything

But everything just got

over me'

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Hmmm... for me, one would be 'Jenni's Song', partly because of my name (being Jenny), and other reasons.


Annndd... Suburbia, for sure.


The Rat Who Would Be King, another one I'd say.


[And hi, I'm new.]


Auqakuh - it's not 'inert'?! Oh, I'm scarred now. ;)

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holy shit that is freaky... I just posted a reference to jenny's song on your introduction thread. I am now declaring myself psychic as well.


I'm sticking with Change of Season, but Viking 7 could be me as well.



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Without question for me it would have to be Symbolistic White Walls... Its not so much of the lyrics that makes it about me, im not sure how this all fits,i cant explain right now why it is my themesong,it just is lol... Wish i could give you guys more but i cant lol.. ;)

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haha pony boy. woot.


edit: but in all seriousness, its probably tripoli.

"strange how you're not with me"


"where's my head gone? i felt it slip away.."


yeah, or haven't slept in years. just for the title. stupid erratic sleeping.

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So many fantastic lines in his songs.


Right now I am in completely in love with Prime Time Deliverance and Change of Season.

"And in their tiny rooms / They eat Chinese food and they / Don't call their wives 'cause / The girl in the window is pressing her breasts up against the window pane"

Oh and I love how he says "This is it, this is it, oh, prime time deliverance, prime time deliverance." All of that. ;)

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id say born to kill or running for home

"i close my eyes now and i scream

i turn the light on and there's nothing left redeeming

i saw your face before it changed

the gun it makes you look nicer in a bad way

so low for how high?

well it's too late tonight

and i'm sure you're right

as low for how high"




"It's more than the less you say you do

It's more than the shot that gets you though

Born to buy into something

Born to Kill"

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Load Me Up or Everything Is Auto always get me in the mood and pumped up at the gym...


but songs like Apparitions are just so Matt Good to me.


so to drag out this post,


I'd say Apparitions or Avalanche.


But if he released Symbolistic White Walls with extended ending then that'd be mine...

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i dig while we were hunting rabbits because of the place he was in when he wrote it.

"When Audio of Being came out, I was at the end of my rope with it all. I felt like I was playing a role that everyone else wanted me to play but me. I just couldn't do it any more. I was stuck in a rut. It had to change."

i think we can all related to it at some point.

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Under the Influence, Blue Skies Over Bad Lands, and Bright End of Nowhere best identify with aspects of my personality. With UTI, I wish that things were the way they used to be, with Blue Skies, that's showing my powerful political side, and Bright End is one of the many depressing songs that showcase the underdog in me.. (He's a mouse and he says to just hear him out for that moment if ever because he's so insignificant *sigh*)

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