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If You Could See Anyone, Who Would It Be......

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Bands I haven't seen but want to:



White Zombie

Imogen Heap




Bands I've seen and want to see again:


Rob Zombie

Matt Good (of course)

A Perfect Circle

System Of A Down

I think that covers it

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I am sure there a bands that everyone wants to see, but they just never tour in your vicinity.


For me it is Third Eye Blind and Seven Mary Three.


Who is it for you?

Damn, that sucks. Third Eye Blind is coming to my school's auditorium in April. It's less than a mile's walk from where I live. I could go for you, but I think I would be disappointed. I don't think their recent music has been as good as the old stuff.


I would like to see:

The Arcade Fire





Would have loved to see but can't b/c they've broken up:


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i would like to see


-the beatles

-bob dylan

-the flaming lips

-the doors

-elton john

-the guess who (again)

-the yeah yeah yeahs


other than that, i'm not huge on going to shows. i like seeing the people, but my poor memory won't let me enjoy the concert for more than a month after i go.

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shouldn't this be in the music thread?


nick cave & the bad seeds are at the top of the list. like sodamntired, i would also enjoy seeing the stooges. theres something about seeing them in a "reunion tour" lineup that just isn't the same. id want to see them in a divey club somewhere, not some stadium.

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