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Favourite MG/B Video

Which Is Your Favourite Video?  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Is Your Favourite Video?

    • Alabama Motel Room
    • Symbolistic White Walls
    • Everything Is Automatic
    • Indestructible
    • Apparitions
    • Rico
    • Hello Time Bomb
    • Load Me Up
    • Strange Days
    • The Future Is X-Rated
    • Carmelina
    • Anti-Pop
    • Weapon
    • In A World Called Catastrophe
    • Alert Status Red

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Strange Days is what I voted. It's a great video, everything about it. Not to mention how hot he is in it.


I've only seen the screen shot things of the Apparitions video, but it would probably be my second choice.

www.matthewgood.org has Apparitions on the site for viewing! ;)


I picked Indestructible.. the whole idea of cloning is pretty cool and it fits the song so well.. Load Me Up is a close 2nd.. that's just too cool (it did win video of the year in 2000) and I couldnt vote for apparitions and strange days because those are so far advanced.. they cant be compared to the rest of the videos the world has to offer.

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You have to go with weapon. I feel like the rest of the videos try to force a story or try too hard to do something. I'm not sure what.


Weapon is really raw. It totally reminds you of being at a show, too. I don't know how you could vote any other way.

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In case anyone cares, I voted for Carmelina... I would consider Apparitions my fave, but I figured it would get more votes, so I voted for another one of my faves.



Wow, "fave" is a really stupid word.

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