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The "who Do You Look Like Thread"

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haha wow! That's hilarious! No Wayne Brady? XD


I don't really look like anyone. Although my friend Yvonne and I get compared a lot.




I think it's only cos we're both tiny azns who like to dress up as schoolgirls and have a fringe, though.

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It makes me a little sad that I remembered this thread from three fucking years ago.



I remembered that one too... it's not sad


christine, i love you to death and if i was single, i'd be all over you










































that black and yellow shirt has GOT to go



Here's what you wrote 3 years ago,


i have been told i look like the following:



tom cruise

russel crowe

todd bertuzzi

ben affleck

michael madsen

ryan phillipe


...among others

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I can see the Christine-Donna thing 100%.


I don't get this very often, and the only two I can think of are uh...the guy who plays Harry Osbourne in the SPider Man flicks (which I don't see at ALL) and Tracy's suggestion that I look like Jim Creegan, which I also don't see.


JimCreegan_Chilitos.jpg ????

harry-osborn.jpg !?


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No, it's just that the faces you were making during that drum solo video, looks just the way Jim does when he goes all out on his upright bass. Take a look at any live video of Brian Wilson, and you'll see what I mean, Owen XD


You don't look like James Franco at all. I guess maybe your abs do, but not your face haha

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It makes me a little sad that I remembered this thread from three fucking years ago.


it's ok, i remembered it too.





old picture of us both, but you get the point. i swear i don't look suicidal all the time.


i've heard Noel Gallagher


you've always reminded me of the character beni in the mummy.




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At work this summer I brought many CDs to listen to, and I had a co-worker comment that I looked like Beck on the cover of Sea Change.





I've also been told that I remind a lot of people of the writer kid in Almost Famous, but in more of a mannerisms than looks way.

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Can't be fucked finding my picture again, so I'll just post pictures of who I'm meant to look like and trust yers can remember.


(by mainly drunk people)

Stewart Downing:


Robin Van Perse:



Adam Sandler (when I had my hair short):


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