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Sicily (New single)

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Maybe we’re okay

Maybe we’re not the problem

The sun came out today

But I just gazed at the outline of the moon

Go on Sicily

Go and get your ragtime

We can dance in the street

Way past midnight and we can kiss like we mean it

And we can mean it all the time

It’s something you get over

It’s something you get over

Oh Sicily I feel so obvious

Maybe I’m just bad at things

Maybe I’m just better off camera

Cause I feel everything and you know maybe it’s time I oughta’

It was always a long shot

That we would make it all this way

It may be cold outside baby but you know it ain’t every day

It’s something you get over

It’s something you get over

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17 minutes ago, Crusader said:

Really enjoying the new song. I wonder if the new album is going to be in this style

I hope it is, this track sounds like how I wish some parts of Something Like A Storm sounded (I'm looking at you She's Got You Where She Wants You). 

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Love the new song.  Has anyone heard when the album will be released? 

Also, does anyone know if the song "Selling you my Heart" which he played off and on during the acoustic tour, is going to be on the album.  He played it in Edmonton and the song is unreal.  @Gursky has a great recording out there.

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On 11/30/2019 at 1:40 AM, Manchalivin said:

Not really feeling this song.  I liked what I was hearing of Selling You My Heart, Radicals and One of Them Years.

Yeah I'm not really feeling it either.  I look forward for the rest of the album though as he usually has some good gems regardless.

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On 11/1/2019 at 11:29 PM, Prairieboy said:

Love it. Parts of it sound very LOTGA-ish and others are reminiscent of Hospital Music. Kinda enjoy how there’s very little info about the album coming out...like in the old days before the internet ?



I was a little 'meh' at first, but every time I revisit this song, I find myself more and more invested...reminds me of "In a Place of Lesser Men" from a decade ago, which was another single that I grew to love.

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