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Matthew Good [Band] Elimination

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Results From Group C

1) Load Me Up 12 vs Truffle Pigs 10

2) Everything is Automatic 11 vs Born To Kill 11*

3) My Out of Style is Coming Back 14 vs Havent Slept in Years 8

4) Prime Time Deliverance 17 vs Lullaby For The New World Order 5

5) We’re So Heavy 6 vs A Boy and His Machine Gun 14

6) Fated 7 vs Giant 15



Well that Born To Kill vs Everything is Automatic was a thriller to count. It went back and forth and forth and back.

The Giant vs Fated match wasn’t as close as I expected.

The victories for Load Me Up and Born To Kill, marked the first time the lower ranked song got the victory.



1) Fall of Man(17-6 --- Ranked #22) vs Near Fantastica (19-1 --- Ranked #2)

---“Fall of Man” enters round 2 after defeating “Expats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra” 17-6 in round 1.

---“Near Fantastica” is coming off a 19-1 raping over “In a World Called Catastrophe” in round 1

My Pick: I’m gonna go with Fall of Man.. it’s just more appealing.. I love the ending.. kinda reminds me of a boy and his machine gun..

Prediction: Well Near Fantastica is gonna win.. but not because it’s the name of the site or anything… lol ;) :angry:


2) I, The Throw Away (10-6 --- Ranked #33) vs Weapon (17-4 –Ranked #11)

--- “I, The Throw Away” enjoyed a 10-6 victory over “Raygun” in their first round match.

--- “Weapon knocked off “Middle Class Gangsters” by a 17-4 margin.

My Pick: Weapon by a mile!

Prediction: Weapon by a mile! *wow its like there’s an echo…echo..echo..echo..*).


3) Alert Status Red (16-4 -- Ranked #17) vs Fearless (10*-10--- Ranked #48)

---“Alert Status Red” is coming off a strong 16-4 victory over “Every Name is My Name”

---“Fearless” is looking to continue its win streak after a 10*-10 win over “Look Happy It’s The End of the World”.

My Pick: Alert Status Red..no contest

Prediction: Yeah, Alert Status Red.. should win this.


4) While We Were Hunting Rabbits (18-2 --- Ranked #4) vs The Inescapable Us (14-6 – Ranked #24)

---“While We Were Hunting Rabbits” is coming off a monster 18-2 victory over “Hopeless” in round 1 action.

---“The Inescapable Us” is into round 2 after a 14-6 beating on “Dusk”

My Pick: The Inescapable Us.. both are awesome though

Prediction: This is got to be the hardest matchup for this group… but I think WWWHR will take it.


5) North American For Life (11-7 --- Ranked #36) vs The Future is X-Rated (17-6 --- Ranked #9)

---“North American For Life” edged out “Little Terror” with an 11-7 win.

---“The Future is X-Rated” knocked off “My Life as a Circus Clown” with a 20-3 demolishing.

My Pick: The Future is X-Rated… although both songs are rockin’ good

Prediction: Future is X-Rated should take it.


6) Advertising on Police Cars (14-7 --- Ranked #27) vs Under The Influence (15-8 --- Ranked #28)

---“Advertising on Police Cars” enters round 2 after beating “Let’s Get It On” 14-7.

---“Under The Influence” is taking the momentum from a 15-8 win over “Alabama Motel Room”

My Pick: Advertising on Police Cars.. it’s got to be one of the top 3 songs ever.

Prediction: Advertising on Police Cars should get the win.. and move up in the standings.. #27 is low low low for this song.


Come back on Fri October 1 2004 for this group’s results, and the first group of matchups for ROUND THREE!!!!.

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EIA lost.... give me a break... and We're So Heavy... yah they had stiff competition but EiA made MGB... and We're So Heavy is best song on the new album... aHHHHHHHHHHHH... sry.... here we go:


1. Near Fantastica (easiest choice)

2. I, The Throw Away (I know... but that's pure MG... give him an acoustic and it's shear brilliance....)

3. Fearless (Alert Status Red doesn't compare... Fearless is classic MGB.... this should win easily)

4. WWWHR (hardest choice)

5. The Future is X-rated (phone sex and non-sense lyrics takes all)

6. Advertising on Police Cars (pretty simple there too...)



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I won't see Fearless lose! From now on... whoever votes Fearless is my hero. C'mon, Alert Status Red is a fun song... it's very strong... but Fearless is MG puting his heart and soul into that shyt.. and it's genious lyrics and it's classic... gl voting Alert Status Red now... cause anyone with a concience (sp?) knows I'm right......

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we'll see about that... I got me "Fearless" rally cap on.... and losing to Load me Up is no shame..... Load me Up is one of his best songs.... most popular anyways.... but losing to Alert Status Red (which is great) would be somewhat of an injustice.... true MG fans know that (haha... now all ppl who vote for Alert Status Red aren't true MG fans..)


Lol... how persuasive is that... Fearless is screwed.

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