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Fantastic Four

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I have not seen the preview. I liked the fantastic four comics but i eagerly await Iron Man more-so(they better not screw it up1). I hope the movie is good but i do think they casted the characters a little young. When i think of Mr fantastic i think of someone like George Cloony, not some punk 20 something year old.

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I'll see the movie, but I'm not holding my hopes high. Never been a F4 fan, and the only good Superhero flicks have been:

Batman [1969 - Adam West & Burt Ward] "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"

Spider Man 2

X-Men 2

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i can't decide if it looks like shit or not. there wasn't enough to go by in the clip.


hey.. is that the surgeon from nip/nick?

Yes it is.


He plays Dr.Doom.


Im unsure on this film.It could be suprisingly good or it could could just be 'meh'


At the moment im leaning towards 'meh'


Need a new trailer.



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I am paying money to see this movie for one reason only, and taht is seeing Doctor Doom, much like how I am seeing Star Wars Episode III just to see Darth Vader at the end.

If this movie is total shit (like I fear it will be) it means good comic book movies (Batman Begins, Sin City) are really going to have to work for it to keep the stream flowing.

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I gotta revive this mother. First off, the word/number play was dispicable. I would expect that for something like 2 Fast 2 Furious, but not for something as intellectual as Fantastic Four. Second, so hot. Third, the crapiness on that trailer has ruined Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums by A Perfect Circle for at least seven days. Fourth, God, she's so hot. And fifth (just because I didn't want to make it four because I consider myself better then the brilliant people who thought up the text for that trailor) it might be okay. I could see it being a good kids movie. I mean that.

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has anyone seen the original? i hear bad things about it as well...


i dont think i'll like this because it seems as though marvel isn't putting any thought into their movies anymore. they all seem way too rushed.


in regards to what someone had mentionned earlier about the iron man movie, i have reason to believe that it's going to be crap as well. recently, tom cruise declined the offer to play tony stark after much consideration and talks with the marvel people. cruise said "i've never just made a movie to make a movie".... here's the link: http://www.comics2film.com/FanFrame.php?f_id=11644


whatever, i'm just looking forward to the batman film.

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Fantastic Four isn't that great of a comic to begin with, so I can't see this movie being too 'fantastic'(<---CLEVER! OH MAN!) itself.

BUT I will say it again, I am going just to see Doctor Doom brought to life...

I can say just from the trailer that it will for sure be better than the 1994 version, but at least that one was laughably bad.

'Look at you, you're the Fantastic Four!'

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