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How Was Your Day?

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Describe your day, complain, rant, rave, or maybe even say something...positive!


Well it was back-to-school for me today.


By homeroom is now band, which was interesting, who quite, who stayed.


And that loathsome person I had managed to forget, but of course popped up, butting in to conversations and talking about something completely unrelated, using 5 letter words incorrectly in simple sentences, and seeking attention by falling of the drum stool.


But enough complaining about annoying people, now for the annoying occurences.


Due to the fact that I'm in french immersion, but half my friends aren't, and one of them just dropped it, I don't even know many people in most of my classes, so this should be interesting.


Oh well, I'm still looking forward (crazy, I know) to this year.

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My day was this:

I woke up, went to Yams house, scanned my pictures, watched TV, came home, greeted my parents as they came back from Fairmont, ate supper, wandered around my house aimlessly, posted this.


(I was on the computer on and off througout the day)

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I am pretty fucking tired today actually. I got up at 7:00 so I could get ready for my class at 8:05. The class is fashion which I don't really enjoy too much. Everyone is too girly and full of themselves for me to actually fit in . So I am dropping the course this afternoon. I have a bitchen chemistry teacher who's going to let us make hash pipes and blow shit up.

I also got my first job which started the first day of school. I work at a day care with snotty spitting children. I'm not sure how much I'm getting paid but I'll probably only make about 70 dollars a week.

I was hoping to go on this school trip to Costa Rica but my parents are refusing to let me borrow 800 dollars by the end of the month. I'd pay them back but my mother said I'd get kidnapped and sent off to Asia for child labour. Although, I am an adult.

I start horse back riding lessons tomorrow because I need to learn how to ride properly as part of my assistant instructor training for therapeutic riding. I have this really odd feeling that I am going to break something one of these days. The lesson is only 20 dollars an hour which is very cheap. Some classes are 30 dollars a fucking half hour . Fuck that.

Anyway. thats my life.

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Today, i woke up at 1130, and it was too late to go job hunting, so i read some animorphs and listened to Steve Earle in bed. (I was in bed, Steve Ealre was in my CD player.)


i came online to search job postings, and here i am!!


in 3 minutes, i must leave for Kate's house, where we are going to sip some liquor and then reminisce.



That and all day, i've been realising how my spelling has gone to shit. I need to go back to school, or start writing in my freetime or something...

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Got up at 545 am and went to go work out for 45 minutes. Came back and showered and read some emails from my boyfriend.. got ready for my 830 class.. went to class until 11 20 then went to work until 5pm and here I am.. after walking home. Im pretty tired but its okay I just think money and im getting healthy. haha. i might take a nap but I need to study for some quizzes. ;) I is a busy woman. my other job called and my head manager forgot to fix my availability so it looks like I pulled a no call no show and they were pretty pissed at me until I called and was like "umm I called you last week.. I cant work at 8am Im in class. ha." Good thing I called her early on.

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Wanna know how my day went? Here's part of an email chain with a fellow employee in the hell I call my job:


"Well, I've just come to the horrifying conclusion that I'd rather be dead than work here full time. So how to I explain to my bf - who expects me to not only work here for another year and a half/two years and eventually go back to full time in order to get a decent mortgage rating - that I would rather get a life insurance policy, hire someone to kill me and make it look natural and give him the money with that policy to pay off the house rather than work here full time? He says I just "don't like working" period and - as much as he has a point that yeah, shitty medium-wage jobs suck balls and I'd rather sit and eat bon-bons - THIS PLACE IS HELL AND I'D RATHER BE DEAD OR A PROSTITUTE (which is basically the same thing) THAN WORK HERE he just doesn't get it.


How do you put that in terms someone can understand?"


So yeah. Not well. ;)

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It was an OK day all things considered, some minor things that ended up bothering me quite a bit. I had an hour in between classes so I decided to go the student lounge and study for a bit and then get eats. So I took a seat and looked over some papers and went over the textbook chapter, and then got up to go the opposite end of the lounge where food was being dispensed. I was coming back with the plate and starting to sit down when some old lady (I don't mean old as in ocotgenarian, but old enough to be my mother I suppose) who spoke very poor English started yelling at me say "don't sit there, I was going to sit there." I explain that I was sitting there long before she arrived, and told her that's why my books, backpack and papers were already on that place. She got angry, claimed I was discriminating against her because she was foreign (the irony I suppose is I'm also foreign). So she shoved my stuff aside and just sat down. There were no other free seats so I was all "screw this" and went to the river to watch the boats pass by. The rest of the day was pretty ordinary I guess.

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school was boring. musical production was great though. we watched annie, and we made it as perverse as possible. then the guys i was with were talking about pokemon and it was so funny because they actually knew what they were talking about. then i came home and did some homework then napped accidently then did more homework and got my school stuff ready for tomorrow. i also put more time on my cellular device, so feel free to call me.. 312-4915.

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Absolutely exhausting.

First day of university today, although there arent any real classes til monday. Wed/Thurs/Fri is a "University 101" for first-years. Its a bunch of tours and seminars and stuff to help out with university.

Anyway, so i did 9 hours of touring and walking and listening to boring people, on 4 hours of sleep. I did get some free stuff though. But still, i am so tired.

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Well today was my first full day of school, all my classes rather than just going to my homeroom for an hour.


In band we scrabbled and squalbbled with locker agreement forms and serial numbers, I forgot to bring my lock, but my wonderful band teacher said I could bring it tommorow. I later noticed that someone had randomly stuck a lock on the locker thta was supposed to be mine, so tommorow I will try to have it cut (muahahahahaha).


We ended up only playing scales and one junior level song before the bell rang.


I went to my first English class, and discovered there were at least a few people I knew there (thankfuly). Due to alphabetical placement I was put in the far back right corner of the class, which suits me just fine. My English teacher is the infamous mr. Shweers. At most schools, you'd think that the uber prankster would be some student, but no, at my school it's mr. Shweers. He was wearing a shirt that said "My way or the Highway". He has Garlic hung around the class, and mirrors placed in the corners to, wait for it, ward of vampires. He seems like a very nice teacher.




french: two major projects have now been assigned.


Planning, the class I ended up with instead of the SCIENCE that was on my original time table was interesting, good group of people, rather smarmy standard capp teacherish teacher.


All in all pretty ok day.

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