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What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

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I've been on a movies bender for awhile. Today I watched:


Quntum of Solace

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Where the Wild Things are.


The other day I watched Shutter Island and Crazy Heart.

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Kurt and Courtney ...you too will believe Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain

Could. Not. Care. Less.



I saw Irom Man 2. The word "boneriffic" is tossed around so often that it has started to lose all meaning but I'd use it for this movie.

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very good.

in a future where all emotions or things that cause them are outlawed and banned.

yet, they still give motivational speeches


whatever, stuff blows up and people die and Christian Bale is good.

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Iron Man 2 was good, but I still prefer the first one. It just seemed like there was so much shit going on that you needed to watch it again to make sure you caught it all. Maybe it was because I was sitting farther away than I usually do at a theater, but meh. Still a good one, it's a definite re-watch when it comes out on DVD.

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Robin Hood. I personally thought it was good, but it was no Gladiator. The musical bits felt a little out of place, and the Sheriff should have seen some more development, but maybe they're leaving that for a sequel. Felt like a Kingdom of Heaven re-hash, which isn't a terrible thing but meh.

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Sodamned, you have excellent taste in movies. The Girl Next Door is still one of my all time faves.


Iron Man was fucktastic, Freaksational, so goddamned badass that I'm making up words for the shit!!! I've seen it six times and counting. FUCKING AWESOME!!!



The Losers was also in the pantheon of badass!!!

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