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Favourite Matthew Good Manifesto

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I liked the story about the guy with the hole in his head.

There's no way you can continue the story, it just ends.

No one ends a story the way that one ended. Atleast what I've read besides that.

It felt really good to read something so useless. It was almost relaxing to my brain.

By that I mean it was entertaining I guess lol.

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I don't have the book on hand so I don't know the name o the direct quote, but the one about the connection with the dog is amazing jsut because right after his brain falls out he says "and that my friends is how I got my superpowers." Or atleast something similar. I think that's the best line in all literature.

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I've got to pull out the book. I don't even remember what it's called! I could try to explain it but then it'd just be like, you know the one with the thing that happens to the guy, and it would just be bad.

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