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last night i decided to play a twilight round of golf at Fraserview G&CC in Vancouver. i would have played by myself but it just so happened that i ran into a couple guys i played with in whistler.


we played the first 5 holes and skipped 6, because we wanted to get to the 9th before dark. we were playing from the championship tees, so the par 3 7th was lengthed at 219 yards, downhill. i pulled out my 4 iron and lined up my shot. then i decided to go back to my bag, pull out my hybrid 3-iron and give'r. i shot it perfectly straight, one bounce on the green and right into the cup! my first hole-in-one.


anyways it sparked me to start a thread about achievements. doesnt have to be sport related... just anything that you're proud of that you want to share.

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Finishing first in the OHF's for hockey which is like the Ontario Hockey Finals. They happen every 4 years and I think like 6 teams get into them and play a round robin style tourny. It's really just the best teams of the AAA, AA, and A divisions.Each division has it's own tournament for the 6 teams. When my team one the gold at the AAA level I think that has to be one of my greatest sports achievements. Aside from playing on various all-star voted teams in baseball and basketball. I've been lucky in terms of having a good athletic ability throughout my life. I guess in terms of academics getting scholarships is a pretty big achievement, graduating, etc...

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One time I put my right leg behind the back of my head. I couldn't do it with my left, but my right leg is more, I guess "flexible" is the word I'm looking for, as I broke my right femur at three. However, immediately after pulling my leg back down from my head, my crotch was in alot of pain.


The End.

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I pooped my pants!!!








(Just kidding and that was an Ike from South Park flashback)


Graduated high school

Graduated College

Landed a wicked job with people I like

Travelled a lot the last few years (mostly Canada)

Money in the bank and a girl at home

Friends & family that are great

Living life to the fullest

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Guest apsham

~Even though it was just recreational hockey, the team that I played on for three years, the Grand Lake Whalers won every tournament that we entered, so that's pretty good I suppose for that.


~The first time I won a poker tournament around here was great too, since I have been doing my best to learn the game and get good at it.


~Being the youngest fully certified forest fire fighter in New Brunswick (Canada, maybe) is pretty cool too.

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Got into UofT, got some crappy awards for some of my poetry, uh...played on stage with an awesome band...


I can also put BOTH legs behind my head without much trouble. I'm double jointed or something in my legs; it's rather weird.

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That one is an excellent commercial.


Does singlehandedly mopping the floor with a five-man GT/TOC Novice division paintball team count? That was a stroke of luck, but it was hilarious. I think it was novice...

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I've seen some hotheads play the game in my time, but haven't seen it come to blows from one shot...


Unless this was a street ambush type thing and not a controlled game...anyone shooting at me while I'm not wearing a mask, I'd be inclined to beat down as well.

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