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Question For You All....

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Name: Good, Matthew Frederick Robert

Born: June 29th, 1971, Burnaby General Hospital at approximately 3:30 am.

Hours of Labor: 19.

Were Drugs Used: Yes.

Hair Colour: Brown.

Eye Colour: Brown.

Current Height: 6 feet.

Current Weight: 147 lbs.

Graduation Year: Class of 1989.

Post Secondary: Two semesters of Art School.


There we go.

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Funny thing. When I went to go meet him, on both occasions, he was sitting down. Maybe he doesn't want people to know how short he is. (Comparitively to other people.)

six feet is fairly tall, compared to the average guy.

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6' tall, 185lb's, but i been married for 13 years...lotsa good eatin, and i eat loads o' protein and lift heavy., but when i was a teenager until maybe real early 20's, was a feather weight. have patience, it'll come, but when it does, get off the couch and turn it into sumpthin!! 30's it really hits heavy, look around, you'll see it!

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ecnarf, where are you actually getting these numbers, and why are we interested in his measurements anyway? Are we going clothes shopping for the guy?

For one thing, those numbers were in the manifestos. I hardly think it's not normal that I remembered they were in the manifestos, went to an online archive of them and then pasted those figures here.


I don't care why were interested in his height, I was just answering the guy's question.

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wow.. that's some straight up scot stalker shit, right there.. i bet my mom wouldn't even know that much info about me

It was in the first manifesto. Get with the times.

do you have a copy of the manifestoos? if so could i potentially get those form you?? i have at last htere's nothing left to say but i don't think it has all of them...??? let meknow

i am mucho interested....

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