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2005 Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Everyone likes results!!


Round 2: Group C Results

1) Oh Be Joyful 22 vs Agoraphobe 18

2) Euphony 17 vs Future is X-Rated 25

3) Antipop 30 vs Every Name is My Name 12

4) Its Been a While Since I Was Your Man 21 vs Native Son 19.. WHAT?

5) Man of Action 29 vs Generation X-Wings(Rooms) 10

6) Fall of Man 17 vs Strange Days 24

7) Born To Kill 34 vs Dusk 6

8) Tripoli(Rooms) 22 vs Change of Season 20

9) Put Out Your Lights 5 vs Fated 37


Wow, a lot of close ones.. (1), (4), (6), ;)



1)Bright End of Nowhere vs Rat Who Would Be King

--Bright End of Nowhere defeated Mercy Misses You in round 1.

--Rat Who Would Be King defeated Failing The Rorschach Test in round 1.

--MY PICK: BRIGHT END OF NOWHERE.. The rat has some wicked lyrics.. but I like the feel of Bright End better

--PREDICTION: The Rat Who Would Be King


2) Apparitions vs Pledge of Allegiance

--Apparitions defeated Apparitions(Rooms) in round 1.

--Pledge of Allegiance defeated Close in round 1.

--MY PICK: sweet statutory.. that was haaaard.. but I

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1)Rat Who Would Be King (lyrically and musically it's far superior)


3)Truffle Pigs

4)Sort of a Protest Song

5)A Long Way Down (i dont like this song, so the fact that it won says something)

6)House of Smoke and Mirrors (this was easily the hardest choice i had to make in all of the elimination threads. im still not entirely confident in my decision)

7)Flashdance II (i'm not biased against pre-Underdogs stuff. It's just not as polished. Depite that some things on Lotga are pretty damn good.)

8)Running For Home

9)Weapon (should take #1. I'll be dissapointed if it doesnt)

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1) Rat Who Would Be King

2) Apparitions

3) Truffle Pigs

4) Sort of a Protest Song

5) A Long Way Down

6) Advertising On Police Cars

7) Flashdance II (it's not that I don't like pre-Underdogs, just that I like Flashdance better)

8) Running For Home (and anyone who votes otherwise should be shot, for their own good of course)

9) Weapon

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Hate to lose Change Of Season.


1) The Rat Who Would Be King

2) Apparitions

3) Truffle Pigs

4) Sort Of A Protest Song (this one better be a sweep)

5) Entresol (definitely)

6) Advertising On Police Cars (The toughest match in the competition thus far)

7) Flashdance II

8) Running For Home

9) Weapon

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1. Bright end of Nowhere

2. Pledge of Allegance

3. My out of style is coming back

4. Haven't Slept in Years

5. A Long way down

6. Advertising on Police Cars

7 Omissions of the Omen

8. Four minute mile

9. Look Happy it's the end of the world !no shutout!

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1)Bright End of Nowhere

2) Apparitions

3)My Out of Style is Coming Back

4)This is SOOOO hard. I honestly can't decide. I'll flip a coin. And the winner is....Haven't Slept in Years


6)Advertising on Police Cars

7)Flashdance II

8)Running For Home

9)Look Happy, It

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