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Stranger Than Fiction

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I wouldn't call them similar. Stranger than Fiction is about someone who hears a narrator who is writing a book about him without her knowing he is a real person. 23 or whatever is about a person who reads a book which is kinda like some conspirasy theory and notices parallels in his life.


anyway, I want to see both.

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i saw it last night and i liked it a lot. i don't watch a lot of movies so maybe i'm not the best judge... will farrell was a good pick for this movie. it gives off a date movie vibe but i think its enjoyable for most anyone. i even cried! haha that's not unusual though. and the soundtrack is amazing. i hope to purchase it. a few of the guys from spoon worked on it and its pretty kickass.


in conclusion: worth the money to see it.

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It's good. They built a solid story, which is kind have weird because it's completely unbelieveable. But, I also liked how the author, after constantly killing off all her characters,

SPOILER (Highlight to View)
re-evaluates her writing after she learns these people could be real. And through this she is able to come to terms without being perfect to some extent.
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Yeah, considering his next movie... Blades of Glory... which looks like a piece of SHIT.

I liked Talledega Nights but it wasn't the greatest movie in the world. It was good for a popcorn flick.


He needs to do more mature comedies like Stranger Than Fiction, and perhaps more dramatic...

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I think part of the problem is how many people have seriously thought Will Ferrell would be good in a series films? I doubt he gets offered many, sort have like Jim Carrey at first... Probably over time, he'll do a few more, and then a few more, etc. Talledega Nights was funny-ish, the whole goof-ball character becomes tiring after awhile.

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