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Fall Tour 2009 (merged)

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mod edit: Pre-sale code Ticketmaster: vancouver

Pre-sale code Live Nation: hollywood


In Winnipeg? it is early, but what do you say his chances of hitting up Winnipeg during his upcoming tour? I plan on getting a shirt made that just says, "Sodamntired" so you can say "hey! you're the guy who posts on The Bored! i hate you. but I know you!"

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He has family here and a pretty big following so he always plays here. We have gotten a bunch of multiple date tours in the past few years because of these facts. Here is a list of the Winnipeg and surrounding area shows for the last ten years:


1 Sept 98, Edgefest 98 Winnipeg Stadium

2 Sept 99, Edgefest 99 Assiboine Downs

3 Oct, 1999 - Pepsi Taste Tour, The Pyramid

4 Dec. 6th, 1999, with Moist/Gob, The Convention Center

5 May 2000, Conventional Weapons Tour, Les Rendezvous

6 July 2 2000, Shake'n'the Lake, Minnedosa, MB

7 July 1 2001, The Forks, Free Show

8 March 31 2003, Cowboys, Avalanche

9 April 1 2003, Cowboys, Avalanche Tour

10 April 2, 2003, Cowboys, Avalanche Tour

11 June 29th, 2003, Grand Rock Festival, Grand Marie

12 Ocotber 2004, White Light Second leg tour , The Burton Cumming Theatre

13 Oct 25 2005, Cowboys, In a Coma Tour

14 Oct 26th 2005, Cowboys, In a Coma Tour

15 March 26th 2006, West End Cultural Center, Acoustic

16 March 27th 2006, West End Cultural Center Acoustic

17. September 28, 2007 Garrick Center Acoustic

18. June 12 2008 ,Burton Cummings Theatre


I think I missed a show in Brandon, but I can't remember.

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A couple of dates have been announced so far:


Nov 6 - Duncan, BC - Cowichan Theatre - www.cowichantheatre.bc.ca

Dec 7 - Peterborough, ON - Showplace Theatre - www.showplace.org


I'm assuming the whole tour will be posted soon (so maybe doing it piecemeal is kind of pointless).

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BC show is on the venue's events page (scroll down the right frame). According to the website, tickets go on sale September 18th at the venue's box office.


Peterborough show is on the venue's announcement sheet for their Autumn/Winter schedule (PDF). However, the Peterborough sheet says it's actually on Dec 14th. An article quoting it said the 7th, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

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Can you link me to the article please? Thanks for posting these ;). About to post some other dates too.



It cites the venue's website, so I'm thinking the 14th is probably the correct date. (I found another PDF on the Showplace's website that has it marked as the 14th.)

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Quote from the site...

Tour Dates

The Canadian leg of the tour in support of the record begins in early November and finishes in the third week of December. The tour will be announced in its entirety, so stay tuned for information about cities, venues, etc.


=o So he's going to do a quick tour of the US, it seems?

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The West End Cultural Center in Winnipeg has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation over the last year, I was fortunate enough to see The Dears perform there when I was visiting at the end of May this year. I don't know what the sound quality was before the reno, but it's crisp as hell now. An MG show would be excellent there.


I was at the Massey Hall show that was recorded for the live album, his vocals were drowned out half the time. It was incredible to hear the quality of the recording, night and day in my opinion. If I had my way, he'd play at Roy Thomson Hall next time he rolls through Toronto. I've never heard a cleaner sounding show anywhere else, other than Convocation Hall on U of T campus.

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