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What Are Your Top Five

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I won't waste my time going over my playlist. So off the top of my head, in no particular order:


1) Weapon

2) Near Fantastica

3) House of Smoke and Mirrors

4) Alert Status Red

5) Suburbia


As you can kind of tell...I'm a big fan of his album "Avalanche". I think it is one of his best albums...and it rarely leaves my cd player if have nothing else to listen too.


Although his earlier songs are also good..compared to his newer songs (excluding some tracks on WLRAR) his older albums are a bit more...grungy...not as melodic, or ambient.


Looking back on those 5 at the top, I can't really say those are my top 5. But they are all still great songs.

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hmmmmm...off the top of my head



while we were hunting rabbits

the inescapable us



i'll probably change my mind in 5 seconds

Wow, looking back at my original post, the only one I would change is Giant. Replacing it would be The Fine Art of Falling Apart. Then again I'll probably change my mind in 5 seconds...

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i assume everyone's talking about the live version of weapon


it's soooooooo much beta

i'd have to say that when i go see him play, weapon is my fav live. his vocals are way better live.


My top 5 songs.....hmmmmm this is hard.


1. push

2. truffle pigs

3. euphony

4. can't get shot in the back

5. avalanche

6. 21st century (ok i couldn't just pick 5)

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