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Cold Harbour? (lights Of Endangered Species Megathread!)

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I can't believe it's already May 5th. April really was like a time warp...


Bim you should just hold out and not listen even if he puts up more streams. It'll be way better that way.


P.S. It took me a minute to figure out what my new icon to the left was. Oy.

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Anybody else in the States getting anxious because of the lack of an announcement regarding the release in the US? It's driving me crazy, I keep checking the pre-order section of itunes to no avail.



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Was Vancouver available via pre-order in the US? I was thinking not, but I'm too lazy to look it up. Non-Canada distribution is handled by a third-party (Cobraside), so it's separate - it's possible that it won't show up in the US iTunes Store until the day of release (if not later).



Where do you guys live (or do I even need to ask) that you've heard In a Place of Lesser Men on the radio? I'm close to Toronto and 102.1 hasn't played it yet.

I noticed on their playlist history that The Edge has only played Underdogs and Beautiful Midnight singles in the last month as far as MG goes. Not even "Born Losers".

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The album appears to be up for sale on amazon.com now.

I still can't believe how much Amazon jacks up their internal imports. It's usually cheaper to order it directly from Amazon.ca and pay international shipping.


(CDPlus.com is usually the cheapest, as far as ordering the CD in the US.)

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Past history indicates that eBay will think you paid too much.


For the CD's yeah no doubt, but the LP's? Avalanche fetches some decent coin, and Vancouver's up there too.

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That one looks like it's being released by "Cobraside," which I think is MG's US distrubutor.


It's also cheaper to pre-order the Cobraside version off of Amazon.ca, I'll post links with cheaper pre-orders soon.


I've updated it so you can access our Lights of Endangered Species album page to get the latest lowest price now. It takes into account the US distributor's version and the ones that Universal has in Canada and the US.

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Hello everyone,

I ordered my copy of the new album on the canadian amazon store. I live in Germany.


The iTunes bonus track version is only Canada-exclusive, right? Vancouver had 2 great bonus tracks that I would still love to buy but I can't because there is no way for me to succesfully buy the canadian itunes version, which kind of sucks , because I am willing to pay for it ;) .




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