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Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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Results From The Round 4 Vote Off:

Suburbia: 1 First Place Vote + 2 Second Place Votes = 3.5 Points

Advertising on Police Cars: 2 First Place Votes + 3 Second Place Votes = 6 Points

Running For Home: 1 First Place Vote + 7 Second Place Votes = 8.5 Points

Avalanche: 4 First Place Votes + 5 Second Place Votes = 11 Points

Failing The Rorschach Test: 3 First Place Votes + 8 Second Place Votes = 12.5 Points

My Out of Style is Coming Back: 17 First Place Votes + 3 Second Place Votes = 28.5 Points


NOTES: Failing The Roraschach Test vs My Out of Style is Coming Back face off for 11th place. Winner is 11th, loser is 12th.

-Suburbia was the best of the remaining four and faces Avalanche which was the worst scoring song in the top 4.

-Advertising on Police Cars and Running For Home were sandwiched between the best and worst and will face off.





Failing The Rorschach Test (60-34 –Ranked #8) vs My Out of Style is Coming Back (54-45 –Ranked #11)


---“Failing The Rorschach Test” results:

Round 1: Song For The Girl 17-4

Round 2: Indestructible 16-3

Round 3: Near Fantastica 15-10

Round 4: Giant 12-17

Round 4B: Vote Off: 12.5 Points (3 First Votes + 8 Second Votes)

---“My Out of Style is Coming Back” results:

Round 1: Vermillion 20-3

Round 2: Havent’t Slept in Years 14-8

Round 3: Omissions of the Omen 16-9

Round 4: Weapon 4-25

Round 4B: Vote Off: 28.5 Points (17 First Votes + 3 Second Votes)

My Pick: How can I vote against the song I made a rap song about?? lol. Failing The Rorschach Test it is!

Prediction: Well, My Out of Style is Coming Back seems to be in a massive slump, so Failing The Rorschach Test should claim 11th place.



1) Suburbia (58-39 –Ranked #10)vs Avalanche (53-54 –Ranked #12)

---“Suburbia” results:

Round 1: Blue Skies Over Badlands 11-5

Round 2: Invasion I 20-4

Round 3: Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 15-10

Round 4: Strange Days 12-20

Round 4B: Vote Off: 3.5 Points (1 First Vote + 2 Second Votes)

---“Avalanche” results:

Round 1: Symbolistic White Walls 13-7

Round 2: Antipop 14-10

Round 3: Born To Kill 17-14

Round 4: Apparitions 9-23

Round 4B: Vote Off: 11 Points (4 First Votes + 5 Second Votes)

My Pick: I have to go with my 2nd favourite MGB song. Suburbia!!! ;)

Prediction: This could be close, but since Suburbia did finish with the best score in the vote off round and Avalanche the worst (of the top 4).. I'm thinking Suburbia.


2) Advertising on Police Cars (63-36 –Ranked #9) vs Running For Home (73-31 –Ranked #7)

---“Advertising on Police Cars” results:

Round 1: Let’s Get It On 14-7

Round 2: Under The Influence 19-3

Round 3: The Rat Who Would Be King 20-10

Round 4: Prime Time Deliverance

Round 4B: Vote Off: 6 Points (2 First Vote + 2 Second Votes)

---“Running For Home” results:

Round 1: Carmelina 19-4

Round 2: Man From Harold Wood 23-1

Round 3: Load Me Up 16-9

Round 4: While We Were Hunting Rabbits 15-17

Round 4B: Vote Off: 8.5 Points (1 First Vote + 7 Second Votes)


My Pick: Advertising on Police Cars.. gotta go with my favouritest song EVER!!!!!

Prediction: I will kill you if AoPC does not win. Since I know you all wish to live, you'll vote AoPC so AoPC will win!

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1) Failing The Rorscach Test

2) Avalanche

3) Advertising On Police Cars


Fuck... I hate you so much for making me not vote for Running For Home.




In fact... I want to vote for it, but I can't. Argh, I'm so torn. Damn it.

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