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What Videogame(s) Are You Playing Right Now?

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nice. what gun class do u mostly use? (sniper? shotty? etc.)


playing nothing right now expect "Solar", a pretty cool community game on Xbox Live. addictive for 3 bucks.


Waiting to pick up Guitar Hero: Metallica this week!

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Went noob with m4/noobtube for 16 levels, switched to pump shottie, then MP5, now using a silenced P90.


Sniping is way too annoying in that game.


Computer, did you play for 24 hrs straight or what? I'm at level 55 after a total of 1 whole day playing. And I top my team every time...


Well maybe if everyone was noob when the game first came out...



Back to the old TF2. Getting a 2:1 ratio on that is much harder...

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Got talked into buying Burnout Paradise (It's only $20). Actually it's a pretty good game. It has a simple mechanic and just sort of lets you go at it.


It's a good break from Oblivion, which doesn't seem as awesome now I have massed a holy order to do my bidding for me... I'm not really sure the game intended you to go that route so early on, but I'm just kinda enjoying it. When I get back to it, I think I'm just going to follow the main arc out of the game.

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Bioshock was much too easy. Even on hard.


Unlimited respawns=wrenching Big Daddies to death ;)



Playin Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on a DS emulator. Pretty sweet game. Much, much darker than the other Advance Wars. Flower disease that makes roots run through your bloodstream and cause flowers to burst from your eyesockets? Fuck yes.

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