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What Videogame(s) Are You Playing Right Now?

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Been playing The Orange Box. Portal was cool, wish it were longer. Half-life 2, which i never played before, was aa pretty good FPS. Never played HL1. It was a bit dated though graphically, and seemed like a very PC-style game FPS (ie: a bit lifeless & clunky). Played a bit of Episode 1, it was mostly more of the same, slightly better graphics, got bored of it since i just played HL2 so maybe will pick it up again in a few months.


Just finished God of War, awesome game. The last boss was dang hard! Can't wait to play God of War 2!


Have nothing new to play now, want to pick up "Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise" (great game!, so underrated). Eventually will pick up Skate 2 & Star Wars: Force Unleashed when their price drops.

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Spore is fun-ish for two of the five stages. The first two. It's basically a collection of five stripped-down mini-games, and the final three suck long and hard.


I want Prototype. Still p[laying Red Alert 3, but it's hard to stay interested.

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God of War is a great series, and I'm excited for number 3. I only have 4 games for my PS3 right now, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet and Flower, which are all excellent, and I'm waiting on God of War 3 and Heavy Rain to bolster my library.

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My xbox 360 just got the red ring of death.


Luckily for the weekend i just got Beyond Good and Evil for PS2 for only 6 bucks on sale at Zellers.


p.s. Zellers is the fucking BOMB for bargain-bin game finds. Nobody shops there for games cuz their new games are a bit expensive so lots of nice finds to be had.

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I haven't been playing many games lately.


Was trying to finally finish up Folklore on PS3, but I have been occupied with other stuff. After that I'm not sure. I guess I'll finally start Bully after 8 months of owning it and not playing it.

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