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What Videogame(s) Are You Playing Right Now?

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I made the mistake of trying to beat the game on legendary from the start by myself... I got to mission 9 and then fizzeled out... but i can tell you i was probably like 20 some hours into it.


you have to know where everything is and where to go before you attempt it on legendary. i've done legendary on co-op and normal and heroic solo and i'm currently halfway through solo legendary. it takes a while, but it's not impossible.

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Just sunk about 3 straight hours into Minecraft. Damn it's easy to forget what you're doing...

That is eating up so much of my time. I wish we could send each other our games because I think it would be interesting to check out what someone else has built

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Rocking Starcraft II now that I've got some down time, and I just got DC Universe for the PS3 but I haven't had time to play it. I got addicted to CIvilization on the PS3 version, and I've got the Gold Pack for the PC, but I've been so busy that I've been playing the same damned game for like three months.

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